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  • October 2014: CEC Potsdam GmbH became project partner (in co-operation with the PIK Potsdam) in the joint research project ReKliEs-De (German: Regionale Klimaszenarien-Ensemble für Deutschland, i.e., Ensemble of regional climate scenarios for Germany). CEC contributes to ReKliEs-De by way of the statistical regionalization method WETTREG with seven simulations driven by various global models. It is thus part of a GCM-RCM matrix of some 30 simulations. ReKliEs-De itself is a major contribution to EURO-CORDEX

  • May 2014: In conjuntion with a consortium consisting of Alfen Consult and Krebs & Kiefer Beratung, CEC presented a study which focuses on the risk analyses for major transportation and transit pathways for goods. It was funded by the German Federal Road Agency (German: Bundesanstalt des Straßenwesens). (
  • Beginning of 2013: CEC Potsdam GmbH supplies climate projections (regionalized using its statistical WETTREG method) for the projects KLAPS, NEYMO und INTERKLIM which cover cross-boundary regions in Saxonia, Poland and the Czech Republic. The projects’ reports were published by the Saxonian State Agency for Environment, Agriculture and Geology (German: Sächsisches Landesamt für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft und Geologie) in the course of 2013 and 2014. KLAPS ; NEYMO ; INTERKLIM


  • 9. April 2010: Dr. Wolfgang Enke (CEC) and Wilfried Küchler (Saxonian State Agency for Environment, Agriculture and Geology) receive the Kurt-Schwabe-Award 2010 of the Saxonian Academy of Sciences in Leipzig, honouring their particular achievements in developing the regional climate models WEREX and WETTREG.

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