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Oral presentations and lectures

CEC Potsdam GmbH offers oral presentations and talks with respect tot he following topics

  • Global change: Coverage of the current research’s state of affairs, recent research activities, consequences of global change, calls for action, et cetera.

  • Climate system, climate models, climate change in the global and regional scope as well of changes in weather phenomena

  • Basics and aims of climate impact research

  • Basics of hydrological modelling

  • Water balance and its scientific coverage

  • Implications of the flooding problem

  • Extremes and their increasing danger (flooding, drought, et cetera)

Further topics

  • European Water Framework Directive

  • Scientific support for the implementation of the Directive

  • Transfer of scientific knowledge to the general public

  • Computer-assisted information systems and decision support systems

The talks provide you with

  • First-hand updated information concerning global changes

  • Opportunities to discuss scientific background with experts

  • Background information for a potential reorientation of your company.

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